One thing you should know about me is that I'm obsessed with punctuality.

This watch is twice as expensive as that one.


Did you, or did you not, tip Vassos off?


We may not be able to stop you.

My father insisted I should go to see the place.

Rudolph asked me if he could borrow my car.

Let me remind you what's important.

It's very easy to become famous when you're very well-known.

I don't like them so much.

She continued that you should keep your promise.

Give this to them.

What do we owe Amigo?

Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?

The town restored this old historic building.

Think always seems to be working.

I told them not to give up.

They didn't offer me anything to drink.

Practise reversing the car into the garage.


Marshall stared at himself in the mirror.


Josip traveled first class.

I love you people.

I knew Doyle went to this school.


The peace talks begin this week.

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I heard him screaming.


Do you hear that sound?

Since it's very cold, we can skate.

I wonder if Deirdre has a girlfriend.

An old man entered the old church with his elder son, his younger daughter and her little baby.

Earnie and I had a deal.

He was foolish enough to believe what she said.

I'm disgusted by all this.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the party.

Courtney still loves Gerald even though she doesn't love him anymore.

I've changed clothes.

How did Nick take the news?


We're avoiding her.


I know what he did.


We spent three days in Boston.

Everything's gone pretty good so far.

This is the vase that Raphael broke.

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Pieter slipped into the classroom unnoticed.

Norbert goes to the same school as Patricio does.

Six of them are burning.

My mother hasn't slept in 3 days due to her illness.

Tonight will be fine. Let's make it for 6:00.


Have you been listening to what I've been saying?

I just want a little more freedom to make my own decisions.

The report has been rewritten.


Why won't Huey tell me anything?

You two deserve each other.

Pia speaks beautiful French, without any accent.

English is a language spoken throughout the world.

We really thank you for your patronage.


Only an expert can tell them apart.

I told you to leave us alone.

I'm looking for information about Boston.


I need you a second.

We went into the woods in search of insects.

That's an odd question.

I guess all I need is a little rest.

What shall I do with her letter?

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Pantelis watched the news.

I thought you wanted to go to Boston with us.

Gerard tried the door, but it was locked.

Dick has cerebral palsy.

There is only one store on the whole island.

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Nou likes eating raw oysters.

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Both of them went to the window to look outside.

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Andries hasn't decided yet.


In what respect is that true?


I came by last night, but you weren't here.

Too many people are indifferent to politics.

I thought about her.


I'm always surprised by him.


The abandoned railway station is said to be haunted.


We need a plan.

Rajesh was my hero.

I'm aching to tell this good news to my family.

I'll never forget that.

Sehyo is going to come looking for me.

She cut the apple in half.

My dinner just came back up to say hello.

It takes a lot of guts and courage.

Didn't you hear me?

Giovanni and I'll go together.

What text editor do you use?


Liza doesn't want to join our group.

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Many sailors can't swim.


To my knowledge, she has not left yet.

We weren't doing anything.

Don't I get a hug?

Lonhyn didn't look as happy as George.

I gave her money, so she could buy me earphones.

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I slept on the boat.

Try to sit with your back really straight.

The truth hurts.

I'll get them.

His manner to us was kind.

Do you have someone in your life?

I won't have it any other way.

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I like eating.

I argued with him about it.

You always do whatever you feel like doing.


Will there be a sequential translation into other languages?

You better win.

I don't think you should tell Lowell that.


Clay didn't know who Ken's boyfriend was.


Nathan warned me to stay away from Gerald.

Where should I sign my name?

I actually like broccoli.

That must've been surprising.

They've had enough of your negative attitude. So, be positive!

I told Frank that was ridiculous.

This is necessary.

I lead a regular life.

There was nothing left.

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I thought you were Japanese.

Sigurd wept in silence.

Trace elements of proven dietary importance do not include polonium-210.

Can we sit here?

Our stock of oil is running out.

I dropped my key somewhere around here.

I will join you.

He can play the piano.

It feels weird, doesn't it?


Jose is making a success of his business.

I was taught English by a foreigner.

Tor was told he had cancer just recently.

I knew you wanted to tell me something.

The way Helge looked at me was so adorable, I just couldn't say "no."

Nobody heard Kay's screams.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to get married.

He rests for two days.

Johnathan is much a much faster runner than I ever was.

I think I've found what I'm looking for.

Did you discover something new today?


He runs in the park every day.

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You aren't Japanese.

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Are you playing with me?

He left everything to her in his will.

Did you hire Vince?

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My grandmother wears a dress to rags.

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They're closed today.

It doesn't sound so unlikely.

Kuldip does get around, doesn't he?

She has an eye for the beautiful.

Kirsten's faith helped her get through the tragedy that befell her.


Ima looked into her bag and realized that her computer had been stolen.

Every master has his own trick.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


Are you asking me out on a date?

We don't have an hour.

It is no use getting angry at him.

The good driver wove his way through the traffic.

I promise I'll stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

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If I screw up, what's the worst that can happen?

Several things need to change.

Let's give him some privacy.